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Surrender the burdens of travel planning and reclaim your precious time. Dive into the joy of creating cherished memories with your loved ones, knowing that every aspect of your journey is flawlessly managed by our dedicated travel professionals.

We curate personalized itineraries and deliver them with exceptional service.

Leave the hassle of itinerary research and design to our experienced travel advisors. We'll handle all the booking and management of your trip components, giving you the freedom to focus on what truly matters: cherishing quality time with your loved ones.

Welcome to a journey curated exclusively for you. Rely on us to be your unwavering compass in the expansive realm of travel, ensuring that every moment holds significance.  Ready to get started?

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CreatE Memories, One Destination at a Time

Luxury Travel Redefined For Leisure and Businesses

Evyssa Vacations · Luxury Escapes and Custom Getaways

For Leisure
Your Personal Escape into Luxury Getaways

Discover the unique touch of our travel advisors' expertise, as we craft a journey that truly reflects your travel style and preferences, ensuring a personalized experience that resonates with your expectations. From romantic getaways to family vacations, and from cruises to rail adventures, our tailor-made itineraries are designed to deliver unforgettable experiences. Let us transform your travel dreams into reality, with the luxury and comfort that you deserve.

Evyssa Vacations · Luxury Escapes and Custom Getaways

For Business
Elevating Incentive & Rewards Travel to New Heights

Step into the world of incentive travel programs with us. Perfect for companies seeking to reward, motivate, and unite their teams, our travel solutions blend business objectives with exceptional travel experiences. From group retreats to performance-driven getaways, our expertly curated travel programs are more than trips; they're investments in your team's success and company culture.

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Choose the travel type and our expert travel agents will design a custom itinerary for you, your family and your friends!

Evyssa Vacations · Luxury Escapes and Custom Getaways

Romantic Getaways

Embark on a one-of-a-kindtrip with your partner on our curated romantic getaways. Ideal for anniversaries, honeymoons, or just for getting away from the mundane!

Evyssa Vacations · Luxury Escapes and Custom Getaways

Family Vacations

Bring your family on a memory-making journey with one of our family vacation packages. We help plan itineraries that the whole family - not just the kids - will love!

Evyssa Vacations · Luxury Escapes and Custom Getaways

Luxury Group Travel

Small groups, big groups? No problem! From bachelor/bachelorette parties to friendly get-togethers, our luxury group travel plans take the stress out of planning in bulk.

Evyssa Vacations · Luxury Escapes and Custom Getaways

Cruises & River Cruises

Voyage across the open seas or coast along exotic landscapes with our cruise and river cruise packages. Choose from classical cruise itineraries or from private yacht charters, sailboat adventures, and all-inclusive catamaran rentals!

Evyssa Vacations · Luxury Escapes and Custom Getaways

Rail Vacations

Go town-to-town with ourrail vacation travel plans. Race across beautiful landscapes and rediscover howthe journey is just as grand as the destination.

Evyssa Vacations · Luxury Escapes and Custom Getaways

Ultimate Adventures

Scratch items off of your bucket list with an ultimate adventure itinerary! Be it a safari in East Africa or a hike through the Himalayas, Evyssa Vacations helps make planning for the extraordinary simple.

our aWARDS

We are an Award-Winning International Travel Agency

We have been recognized by several organizations and media outlets. Our expert travel agents have been creating memories and serving our clients since 2009. Evyssa Vacations is a proud member of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) and MAST Travel Network and we are accredited by the International Association of Travel Agents Network (IATAN).

MAST Travel Network 2023 Award - Global Voyages Inc - Evyssa VacationsMAST Travel Network 2023 Award - Global Voyages Inc - Evyssa Vacations
international Travel Arrangement Services

Luxury vacations designed with you in mind!

We assist with your itineraries as much - or as little - as you need us to. From simple logistics planning to designing entire itineraries, Evyssa Vacations works with you every step of the way to help make your plans a reality.

Ideas based on our experience.

Making the best decisions.

Custom itineraries.

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Echoes of delight from our customers

We love to make our clients happy! And we love to hear their feedback after they returned from vacation. Here are a few of them.

international Travel Arrangement Services

Research & Itinerary Design Retainer

Our work is based on years of experience, in-person and online training, extensive travel, vast industry affiliations, and a big network of reliable partners — all to enhance your vacation and ensure a seamless planning and booking experience, as well as memories of trips to last a lifetime.

We charge a nominal retainer to insure a commitment to one- another, and our reciprocal respect for each other’s time. This is paid before any quotes are worked on.

specific destinations

Treat yourself to the luxury vacation you deserve!

Indulge in 5-star service, exclusive amenities, mouth-watering culinary delights, and unique activities. Breath-taking views await. Where will your next adventure take you? Let's design your custom itinerary!

Amadeus Silver III Pickleball Tour

August 5 - 14, 2023
European Pickleball Vacation on Luxury River Cruise

Amadeus River Cruises & Evyssa Vacations will bring you a unique experience!

Learn More

Honeymoon in Tahiti

Explore the most beautiful and exotic locations in French Polynesia on your luxurious honeymoon.

Learn More

Honeymoon Adventure in Costa Rica

Get a taste of Costa Rica's world-class highlights on an ultimate adventure.

Learn More

Couple's Getaway in Aruba

Discover the happiest island on the Caribbean and immerse yourself in pure luxury.

Learn More
Travel with Evyssa Vacations - Highlights
This Month's Finest

Recommendations of the month for your next luxury getaway

As someone who appreciates the finer things in life, you understand that a luxury vacation is more than just a trip - it's an experience. This month, we've curated a selection of destinations that truly embody the essence of luxury.

Explore More
Destination Wedding in Sandals

"Love Takes Flight": A Destination Wedding & Honeymoon Showcase in Hoffman Estates

An exclusive event tailored for couples who are dreaming of an unforgettable and unique destination wedding and honeymoon.

Best Luxury Travel Destinations

Goddesses Abroad: A Women-Only Group Photoshoot in Italy

Elevate your travel game and join our exclusive sisterhood of sophisticated women who explore the world together.

Pickleball River Cruise

European Pickleball River Cruise or Land Vacations

Embark on an extraordinary Pickleball adventure, where friendly matches unfold on European courts and the charm of Europe embraces you.

Adult-Only Cruises To Europe and The Caribbean

Adults-Only Cruises to Europe and the Caribbean

Get pampered while you save big on your luxury cruise vacation!

Honeymoon in Tahiti

Honeymoon in Tahiti

Embark on the perfect Tahiti honeymoon and create your unforgettable moments in paradise.

Family Vacations

Family Vacations

Scandinavia, Peru, Alaska, London, Italy are just some of the best destinations for family fun.


Rest easy as we take charge, ensuring a stress-free experience!

Luxury means different things to different people. Our job is to make sure you get the best value for your money. We partner with top service providers and hand-picked tour operators to deliver top-tier amenities and benefits to you! We want your time away to be well spent enjoying authentic experiences.

We customize your personal adventures to your individual interests and travel styles. Our mission is to offer a seamless vacation planning process and peace of mind. Elevate your journey by having a dedicated travel advisor by your side. Your satisfaction is our main priority.

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