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Incentive & Rewards Travel Programs

Change Your Business Travel with Evyssa Vacations! We redefine business travel by curating exceptional incentive and rewards programs that go beyond expectations. Grow your team's motivation and performance with bespoke travel experiences that leave a lasting impression.

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Why Choose Evyssa Vacations for Incentive and Rewards Travel?

Unrivaled Expertise

Evyssa Vacations is not just a travel agency; we are seasoned experts in crafting incentive and rewards programs that align seamlessly with your business goals. With years of experience, we understand the intricacies of motivating teams and creating travel experiences that leave a lasting impact.

Global Connections

As a luxury travel agency, we have established a global network of partners, ensuring access to the finest accommodations, dining, and activities. Whether your team dreams of a tropical retreat or a cultural immersion, we have the connections to make it happen seamlessly.

Maximum ROI for Your Investment

We understand that incentive and rewards programs are not just about travel; they are strategic investments in your team's success. Evyssa Vacations works diligently to maximize the return on your investment by delivering unforgettable experiences that foster loyalty, boost morale, and drive performance.

Comprehensive Service

From initial ideation to post-travel evaluations, our team is with you every step of the way. We take care of all the details, so you can focus on what matters – building a motivated and engaged team.

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Why Should You Use Incentive and Rewards Travel?

Transform Payroll Expenses into Growth Opportunities with Evyssa's Incentive Programs! Discover a tax-efficient way to enhance your employee benefits with Evyssa's tailored incentive travel programs. Imagine saving up to $40,000 in payroll expenses, simply by reimagining how you reward your team. Our programs not only offer a fiscal advantage but also contribute to a more vibrant, connected, and high-performing workplace.

Did you know that 46% of U.S. businesses use incentive travel?

Substantial Revenue Growth:
Companies utilizing non-cash rewards like incentive travel see 3X higher revenue increases​​.
Preferred by Top Performers: 100% of Best-in-Class companies use incentive travel to recognize sales success, showcasing its effectiveness in driving results​​.
Diverse Applications: Incentive travel is versatile, used for rewarding sales (53%), employees (43%), channel partners (33%), and enhancing customer loyalty (27%)​​.

U.S. Businesses spend $22.5 Billion annually on incentive travel!

Impressive ROI: Properly designed incentive travel programs can increase sales productivity by 18% and yield an ROI of 112%​​.
Significant Budget Allocation: The average incentive travel budget is now around $6,000 per person, reflecting the value placed on these programs​​.
Focus on Soft Benefits: Increasingly, companies are valuing the 'soft power' benefits like company culture, engagement, and employee retention, which these programs effectively enhance​​.


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Ready to Transform Your Business Travel?

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Incentive Travel

Imagine a travel experience that not only rewards but also transforms your team. Our incentive travel programs blend business goals with extraordinary journeys, ensuring every trip is a milestone in your company's success story.

individual, team or company level

Reward Travel

Recognizing your top performers? Allow us to design travel experiences that truly honor their achievements, creating memories that last a lifetime and inspire continued excellence.

team or company level

Teambuilding Retreats

Let's take your team on a journey that strengthens bonds and fosters collaboration. Our teambuilding retreats are a perfect blend of professional development and leisure, set in the most breathtaking locations.


Employee Benefit Program

Enrich your employee benefits with our tailored travel perks. From exclusive discounts to luxurious leisure trips, we make sure your team feels valued and rejuvenated.


Company Retreat or Meeting Travel

Step beyond the office and into a world of inspiration. Our Company Retreat and Meeting Travel services are designed to foster professional growth and team synergy. Whether it's a departmental workshop or a full-scale company conference, we curate experiences that blend business development with the allure of travel.

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Csilla Dali

As the owner and expert travel agent at Evyssa Vacations | Global Voyages Inc. since 2009, I combine my extensive expertise with a personal touch to craft incentive travel experiences that are as unique and remarkable as your team's achievements.

Csilla Dali | Expert Travel Agent at Evyssa Vacations

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