Small Ship Cruising

Luxury small ship cruising is for the traveler who not only wants to see the world in a unique way but wants to enjoy unparalleled service and culinary perfection, without the crowds.

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Small Ship Cruising

Elegant yet unpretentious ambiance

Perfect for travelers that want to get away from crowds but still be able to enjoy the benefits of discovering new destinations by boat.

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Get away from the crowd with a small ship cruising experience. Enjoy the destinations and the journey with the same elegance and luxury of a cruise- just smaller!

Let your dreams take flight with up to $500 off your Mediterranean & European voyage, plus up to $600 in free drinks for making your fantasy escape a reality.

Small Ship Cruise on SeaDream

Sailing on one of SeaDream’s two mega yachts will bring you a casual yachting experience that takes personalized service to the next level as you explore the world's most inspiring destinations.

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Unforgettable Experiences

Indulge in the ultimate small ship cruising experience, where every traveler's desire has been anticipated and catered to. Discover spacious accommodations, intuitive personalized service, and an elevated all-inclusive atmosphere that immerses you in the culture of each destination. Unlike larger ships, the smaller vessels of luxury small ship cruise lines offer unique itineraries and unforgettable shore excursions, taking you to the most breathtaking destinations on the planet while providing the comfort and elegance you deserve.

Let our team of cruise experts find the perfect luxury small-ship cruise line that aligns with your travel preferences. And if you crave even more adventure, we are delighted to design custom pre- or post-cruise travels, ensuring that every moment along the way becomes truly unforgettable.

What sets small ship cruises apart? The passenger-crew ratio ensures attentive and personalized service, guaranteeing that your every need is met. Smaller ships have the flexibility to dock and visit destinations and ports that are unreachable by larger vessels, granting you exclusive access to hidden gems. With a focus on culinary excellence and award-winning service, these cruises provide a feast for your senses. Additionally, small ship cruises excel at creating special moments, surprises, and celebrations, making your journey truly extraordinary.

Who is a small ship cruise recommended for? Discerning cruisers seeking a more upscale experience will find their desires met on a small ship. Travelers who want to escape crowds while enjoying the benefits of discovering new destinations by boat will appreciate the intimacy and exclusivity. Those yearning for a more immersive experience, whether exploring a new destination or delving deeper into a familiar one, will find small ship cruises ideal. Small ship cruises are also perfect for those celebrating special moments, romance getaway seekers, and families focused on relaxation and exploration.

How do we help? Our expert team assists you in selecting the right ship for your trip, ensuring it matches your preferences and desires. We coordinate all other trip components, seamlessly integrating flights, transfers, and accommodations. Enhance or extend your cruise experience with thoughtfully crafted pre- or post-cruise itineraries that maximize your time and enjoyment. We adeptly manage any schedule changes, entry requirements, and restrictions, providing you with a stress-free travel experience. As your advocate and support system, we are always available to address any questions or issues that may arise before or during your trip.

Embark on an extraordinary journey with small ship cruises, where personalized service, exclusive destinations, and unforgettable moments await. Let us curate a voyage that exceeds your expectations and create memories to last a lifetime.

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As certified travel agents, we work for you, our client. Customization is what we do best, and it looks different for each client. Our end to end services help you make travel decisions that best suit your needs, our creative consultants always come up with ideas and recommendations you might not otherwise consider, and we make sure your trip components are booked through trusted tour operators.

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We act as your advisor and your advocate, we help you understand where it makes sense to splurge or where to hold back, and assist in making sure that you make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

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Every itinerary is unique and catered to you. We plan for your budget, your party, and your interests to ensure that your vacation is stress-free and truly memorable!

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