Ireland Tours - Celtic Charms and Lush Vistas

Ireland Tours - Celtic Charms and Lush Vistas

Experience the myth haunted countryside and lively towns of Ireland with Evyssa Vacations. Walk through green meadows, old fortresses, and crowded market places, with epic legends and friendly people surrounding you. Our tailor made itineraries will take you to rolling hills of rural areas, ancient castle walls as well as vibrant streets of Dublin and Cork. The Company is famous for its Evyssa Vacation packages that enchantingly combine luxuriousness with authentic Irishness in a unique tour across this magical land.

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Ireland with Evyssa: Emerald Escapes

Celtic Charms Beckon You to Ireland

Would you rather walk through emerald landscapes or sip whiskey in a local pub while listening to folk music? Ireland is a personal acquaintance with Gaelic culture if you travel with Evyssa, and every place you visit will reveal a tale that contains myths and historical significance.

Embark on Your Own Irish Journey

Is it the rugged Cliffs of Moher or Dublin’s literary streets that grab your interest? We create personalized journeys through Ireland so that each day plunges deep into the spirit and essence of this magical country, providing you with an authentic taste of Ireland’s colourful past and present.

Luxurious Lifestyle as Leprechaun

Choosing Evyssa for your vacation in Ireland means experiencing the journey steeped in Irish warmth. Imagine staying at ancient castles transformed into luxury hotels and having private guided tours around historical sites. We ensure your experience in Ireland is as wonderful as the land of saints and scholars itself.

Ireland Tours - Celtic Charms and Lush VistasIreland Tours - Celtic Charms and Lush Vistas

Ireland Sample Itineraries

Ireland Sample Itineraries

The rolling emerald hills and the hearty laughter of the locals create a welcoming embrace. The mystical charm of the ancient ruins and the lilting melodies of traditional music seem to narrate your journey through the lush, Irish countryside.

8 days

Ireland Forever, A Family City Break

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Discover Ireland's charms in Dublin: historic scavenger hunt, culinary secrets at Ballymaloe, Titanic tales, racing horses, pottery lessons, family adventure awaits!

Starting from


Dublin » Kinsale » Cliffs of Moher » Titanic Experience Cobh » Cobh » Cork » Killarney

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11 days

Couple's Getaway in Ireland - Coastal Vistas & Country Lanes

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Discover Ireland's perfect blend of natural beauty, city exploration, and village charm on your exclusive couples' retreat.

Starting from


Dublin » Waterford » Cork » Killarney » Adare » Shannon

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