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Our work is based on years of experience, in-person and online training, extensive travel, vast industry affiliations, and a big network of reliable partners — all to enhance your vacation and ensure a seamless planning and booking experience, as well as memories of trips to last a lifetime.

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Luxury travel arrangementS

What do our services include?

Vacation consultation to discuss travel dates and needs.
Researching destinations and trip options.
Crafting a custom itinerary suited to your needs.
Trip presentation and detailed discussion of itinerary.
Follow up revisions if needed (one or two times).
Recommending and securing adequate travel insurance based on the requirements of your destination.
Booking of travel components and managing any changes that may occur.
Pre-departure consultation and documents to review destination entry requirments and restrictions.
In-destination or during travel emergency support if needed.
Post trip follow up.
Travel Arrangement Services

Research & Itinerary Design Retainer

We are here for you from the start till the end. We offer different packages to accomodate different types of travelers. The below packages are applicable to individuals, couples, or families (2 adults + 2 children) traveling together and sharing the same room accommodations.
Choose the one that best fits your needs.

Luxury Honeymoon - Evyssa Vacations

Silver - $150

This package is ideal for couples or families who are looking for a quick all-inclusive beach getaway. With the multitude of resorts in every destination, it could be overwhelming to decide which is the right choice for you. Our agents have first-hand experience with many of them, and they can help make you the best decision for your family. Don’t let your choices be led by random online reviews, allow our destination experts to do what they do best.

Luxury Yacht and Catamaran Vacation - Evyssa Vacations

Deluxe - $350

This is our Core package, and it is best for special occasion trips, customized vacations, multi- city or multi-country itineraries, once- in a lifetime travel experiences. Each itinerary is uniquely customized to your desires, with every component carefully selected.  Nothing is left to chance and the result is a vacation you’ll never forget!

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Luxury River Cruise Vacation - Evyssa Vacations

Royal - $1,000

This is an upgrade over our Deluxe Package. It comes with everything we provide with our core services; however, we take things steps further. If you are a busy traveler who doesn’t want to be bothered with any paperwork, pre-departure or in destination preparation, reconfirmation of things, or reading travel tips and instructions- this upgrade is for You! We will handle your check in, will reconfirm your travel components, will text or call you if anything needs your personal attention, we will research and book restaurant reservations, local events tickets and more.

Luxury Group Vacation - Evyssa Vacations

Groups from $100/person

This is ideal for groups of 10 or more travelers, or itineraries that are planned around exclusive travel arrangements and unique trip components. These can be multi-generational trips, ultimate bucket list adventures, incentive, or corporate group trips and more, where attention to detail and coordination of multiple group member’s travel arrangements are of outmost importance.

Free Consultation · Luxury Travel Arrangement Services · Evyssa Vacations


Let’s review your vacation dreams! During our free consultation, a designated travel advisor will discuss your vacation needs and help narrow down choices. We can help identify the right destination, the best time to visit, advise on estimated budgets, and give ideas on how to enhance your trip. This stage is for us to get to know you a bit better, understand your travel style and wish list, and for you to get a glimpse into our expertise, and understand how working with a travel expert can enhance your overall planning and travel experience.

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Vacation consultation
Destination Research
Itinerary Design
Quote Presentation
Quote Revisions
Booking of Travel Components
OnDemand Concierge - Emergency Support
Travel Insurance Assistance
Pre-Departure Concierge Session
Post-Trip Follow Up
Dining Delights
Bespoke Special Services
Reconfirmation Assurance
Seamless Trip Reminders
Local Events Navigator

Questions? We have answers

Why is our professional retainer non-refundable?

Our professional retainer fee is non-refundable due to the commitment and resources we allocate once we take on a project. Here are the key reasons why this policy is in place:

Time Allocation: When we accept a project, we block out our time exclusively for that particular request. This means we decline other potential projects to ensure that we can provide the dedicated attention and high-quality service required for the task at hand.

Lost Opportunities: If a client decides to cancel or change their mind, we not only lose their business, but also the business from other clients we had to turn away. This double loss impacts our ability to maintain a sustainable operation.

Upfront Resource Commitment: The retainer fee also covers some of the time and expenses incurred during the initial phases of the project. This includes research, itinerary design, and other preparatory work necessary to provide a professional service.

Ensuring Serious Engagements: The non-refundable retainer also helps in ensuring that the engagements we enter into are serious and well-considered, which is crucial for maintaining a professional and reliable service.

Our aim is to provide exceptional service and to allocate our resources effectively to meet the needs of all our clients. The non-refundable retainer fee is a crucial part of achieving this goal, ensuring that we can continue to offer high-quality, dedicated service for each project we undertake.

Do you offer a best-price guarantee?

Our prices are very compatible. We always look at value vs. cost and we make sure you get a fair price. This however doesn’t mean that our packages are always the cheapest. We work with trusted, hand picked tour operators that are service oriented, professional and reliable. We want to offer you the best experience at a reasonable cost, and that is our priority. When you book online, you are basically paying a service fee to a website, without actually getting the service in return. When you book with us, you are a priority to us, and we are at your service every step of the way.

How do you get paid for your services?

a.  We have negotiated contracts with the suppliers we sell who pay us a commission. These are only paid to us only if you actually take the trip we booked, and we do not get paid typically only a few weeks after your return. If you book your trip months in advance, we only have the retainer as our payment for all that time and work, until we actually get paid by our suppliers.

b.  Since our specialty is customization, we often work with suppliers on a net price basis. We do this when this option offers more flexible terms and conditions for you, or when we are working on trip components (such as train tickets, ferryboats, private transfers, exclusive activities and more) that make more sense to be booked on  a non-commissionable rate. In this case we charge a standard service fee to compensate for our lack of payment.

When you get our quotes the price you will see listed on them is inclusive of all the commissions and/or service fees, so you will know the exact cost of your trip before you are charged for it.

Is this your service fee for booking my trip?

Retainers are not service fees for the work we do, they are a non-refundable payment to hire us to work with you. We keep these fees really low, starting at $100 - and it goes up depending on the complexity of your trip and number of travelers.

How many quotes does your retainer include?

Before you are charged a retainer, we do a free consultation, during which we discuss your needs, and our general recommendations. It is very important that you are honest about what you are looking for, what your approximate budget is, and give us feedback on anything we suggest. This is what ensures that we can actually work on quotes that would be a good fit for you, instead of wasting your time with unsuitable options. There are a reasonable amount of revisions included in our quoting services, but the retainer is basically for one specific trip. If you are looking to shop around, see multiple quotes for several destinations just let us know, we would handle that with an hourly rate instead of a trip retainer.

What happens when I pay a retainer, get the quotes that I need, but don’t purchase the trip? I come back to you at a later time, when I am ready to proceed with the booking. Do I have to pay another retainer for the same trip?

It takes time for us to work on each of your quotes. We customize everything, and each time we quote you something, we work with you to adjust those to your needs. Quotes are usually valid for 24-72hrs. If you don’t purchase the trip, and come back to us at a later time, we have to start everything all over again. In this case a new retainer will be charged.

Are your retainers refundable?

No, our retainers are fully non-refundable.

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Our Travel Advisors

Looking for an expert travel agent? Get in touch with one of us!

Csilla Dali

Csilla Dali

Founder and Lead Travel Advisor
Jill Polezoes

Jill Polezoes

Independent Travel Consultant
Ann Marie Patt

Ann Marie Patt

Independent Travel Consultant
Kaitlin Rodgers

Kaitlin Rodgers

Independent Travel Consultant
Gia Callari

Gia Callari

Independent Travel Consultant
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Amy Hajnalka Moldovan

Travel Consultant
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Marisa Mule

Independent Travel Consultant

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Why choose us?

15 Reasons to Use a Travel Consultant

Save Money

Travel Agents have access to the myriad of airfares, hotel rates, package tours, and cruise vacations worldwide and are Internet savvy. Accompanied by strong working relationships with travel suppliers, often the best deal lies with the people who know where to look.

Save Time and Trouble!

Agents clarify the fine print on cancellation penalties and restrictions thereby preventing headaches later on for travelers unaware of the terms and conditions of their purchase.


Agents provide one-stop shopping for all your travel arrangements. This includes travel insurance, passport and visa applications, dining and shopping tips, and destination information.


Travel agents understand that repeat customers are the best form of advertising. That is why agents make themselves available and respond quickly to customer needs.


Agents know how to interact with suppliers and have the proper contacts to get things done. Agents have more buying power.

Personal Relationships

Like a good doctor, attorney, or accountant, your travel agent knows you, your lifestyle, and tastes. Armed with this knowledge and statistical information stored confidentially through state-of-the-art technology, an agent becomes a trusted advisor.


Travel agents stay abreast of the most current promotions and timely industry news so that they can translate and explain what it all means to you.


Travel agents become travel experts through their first hand knowledge of a destination, continuing education, and customer feedback.


No single travel supplier could advise a traveler with competitive information. Nor would they.

Evaluate and Analyze

Travelers can price shop on the Internet, but what is a good deal? Travel Agents can sort the details, assess the facts, and decipher the pros and cons of a vacation offer.

Making the Best Match

Travel Agents are adept at matching the right destination and the right hotel with the traveler. Understanding a customer’s needs and knowing a customer’s lifestyle, agents are in a unique position to send you on the perfect vacation.


Because good agents know their customers so well, their expert guidance can put your mind at ease and make you confident with your selections and purchases.

Consumer Advocate

Always looking out for your best interest, travel agents demand that customers get fair treatment from travel suppliers.

Problem Solving

When things go wrong or plans change, a travel agent is always there to seamlessly straighten it out — a live person with a friendly face.

Enhancing the Trip

Agents offer value and amenities by providing inclusions or extras at no cost. These may come in the form of gifts or special promotions not available elsewhere.

how DO we work?

We Arrange Your Entire Vacation!


We get to know you

Every trip request starts with a free consultation where we ask as many questions as time allows — some of these will be directly related to the future trip that you are inquiring about, some will be about YOUR lifestyle, hobby and preferences. The better we understand you and your travel style, the better we can do our job in creating a truly customized vacation experience for you.


We agree on your plans

If we determine we are a good fit for each-other, you will receive a contract from us that outlines our schedule of services, expected time frame to receive a quote and the service fee amount. As soon as the service fee is paid, we will start working on a quote for you.


We get to deliver your dream trip

You will receive our proposal, which you will have time to review. Any changes or adjustments needed we will discuss and implement, before delivering you the final trip details and later your travel documents. We will continue being in touch with you and answering any questions, giving you tips and advice all the way till you travel. Once your trip starts you’ll have access to emergency contact numbers and of course we will also be at your service should you need us.

how to Hire us?

Your Path To Your Dream Vacation!


Submit your online inquiry!

Using the form below is the fastest way to submit your trip request.


Free consultation to discuss your vacation needs

We will get in touch to coordinate a time for the consultation.


Pay the Service Package of your choice

After the consultation, you can select and pay the option that best suits your needs.


Review Trip proposal we put together

Give us feedback on the proposal so we can make any adjustments needed.


Deposit Trip

Pay your trip deposit on the invoice or payment link we send you.


Submit final balance

Pay your final balance on the invoice or payment link we send you.


Review voucher and documents

Download our free app and review all your vouchers, documents and travel tips.


Enjoy your dream vacation!

Take it all in, relax, have fun. This is your time, make the best of it.

international Travel Arrangement Services

Luxury vacations designed with YOU in mind!

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After we review your trip inquiry form, one of our travel advisors will reach out to you via email to schedule a follow-up consultation if needed, and further discuss your vacation needs. Your designated travel expert will help identify the right destination (if you are unsure of where you should travel to), advise on estimated costs, the best times to visit - and give you more ideas of how to make the most of your vacation. This stage is for us to get to know you a bit better, understand your travel style and wish list, and for you to get a glimpse into our expertise, and understand how working with a travel advisor can enhance your overall planning and travel experience.

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