Scotland Tours - Uncover the Authentic Highlands

Scotland Tours - Uncover the Authentic Highlands

Scotland, let us get into it. We have a lot of them such as Kilts and bagpipes which are more than just that. Highlands mist caressing your skin is what Scotland is about, whispers of ancient castles and perhaps a tiny sip of whisky. Through Evyssa Vacations, we remove the cliché tartan tinted glasses so you see Scotland in its pure beauty and vibrant culture. The real Scottish experience starts from the bustling streets of Edinburgh to the calm shores of Loch Ness; charm, history including possible ghost stories.

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Scotland with Evyssa: Where Legends Roam and Landscapes Whisper

Scotland is waiting for you!

This isn’t just a normal trip to Scotland; it’s like delving into the world of legends. So forget about all those “tourist traps”; let our team guide you through the real Scotland which Scots adore and appreciate. In other words, cozy bars in Edinburgh, secret paths in Cairngorms and landscapes that make us believe in magic.

Discovering Scotland with Evyssa

Are you ready to conquer Royal Mile or find Nessie? We plan your journey as if we are locals – combining iconic attractions with hidden gems. It’s about tasting genuine Scottish recipes and losing oneself among tales that thread this nation.

Your Scottish Saga

Opting for Evyssa means that you are going on an authentic Scottish adventure. We’re referring to overnighting in historical castles, exploring aged ruins without tourists everywhere, and definitely sampling whiskey straight from its origins. Our Scottish tour ensures that heartwarming incidents fill your stay turning a mere vacation into an unforgettable sojourn.

Scotland Tours - Uncover the Authentic HighlandsScotland Tours - Uncover the Authentic Highlands

Scotland Sample Itineraries

Scotland Sample Itineraries

Scotland's rugged highlands and misty lochs invite you to a land of legend and natural splendor. The haunting call of the bagpipes and the stark beauty of the landscape evoke a profound sense of belonging, as if the stories of the land are whispering directly to your soul.

3 nights

Wild Scotland aboard the Royal Scotsman

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Discover Scotland's wild beauty with RVIVAL, crafting bespoke adventures. Reconnect with nature's allure and indulge in luxury aboard the Royal Scotsman.

Starting from


Ediburgh » Spean Bridge » Kilmarnock » Edinburgh

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5 nights

Clans, Castles and Isles with the Royal Scotsman

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Embark on a 5-night Royal Scotsman rail adventure, exploring Scotland's wild west. Discover stunning landscapes and intriguing experiences through the ages.

Starting from


Edinburgh » Glenfinnan » Isle of Mull » Isle of Bute » Nith Valley » Edinburgh

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10 days

Couple's Getaway in Scotland - Highlands, Lochs & Castles

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Embark on a captivating Scottish adventure as you traverse breathtaking landscapes and immerse yourself in rich history.

Starting from


Edinburgh » Pitlochry » Inverness » Glasgow

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10 days

Island Hopping in the North Atlantic Reykjavík to Edinburgh with MS Maud

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Embark on a 10-day expedition cruise through the untamed and rugged islands of the North Atlantic, connecting Iceland with mainland Britain aboard the expedition ship MS Maud.

Starting from

Reykjavík » Heimaey » Runavik » Tórshavn » Lerwick » Fair Isle » Kirkwall » Edinburgh

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