Iceland Tours - Geysers, Glaciers, and Northern Lights

Iceland Tours - Geysers, Glaciers, and Northern Lights

Experience Iceland's dramatic landscapes with Evyssa Vacations which has bursting geysers, beautiful glaciers and the fascinating Northern Lights. Our tours reveal to you the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this distinct place. You can relax in a warm water geothermal spa or go trekking on glaciers. In this way, your Icelandic adventure is filled with classiness and wanderlust, offering you an unforgettable exploration around the land of fire & ice. Every moment spent with Evyssa unravels enchanting Iceland scenery as well as its rich traditions.

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Experience Iceland's Beauty

Icelandic vacations that are tailored for individuals

Ever dreamt of experiencing the midnight sun or exploring volcanic terrain? Let Evyssa create your perfect trip to Iceland by tailoring it according to your preferences such that every moment is awe inspiring and luxurious. We know the natural phenomenon of Iceland thus enabling us create experiences that will enthrall you.

Specifically Nordic

From private walks across glaciers and helicopter flights over volcanic craters – these are some of the special experiences in Iceland unlocked by Evyssa. With unique access to hidden places that this country boasts, we make sure your journey is enriched by memories as profound as the land itself

Unblemished Icelandic service

Evyssa handles each detail pertaining to your visit to the country without any kind of flaw hence making it an elegant one. Our dedication towards providing excellent services guarantees you a seamless, comfortable and specifically designed trip through Iceland except our company’s attention is directed at maintaining high standards while serving clients.

Iceland Tours - Geysers, Glaciers, and Northern LightsIceland Tours - Geysers, Glaciers, and Northern Lights

Iceland Sample Itineraries

Iceland Sample Itineraries

In Iceland, let the crisp air fill your lungs and clear your mind, surrounded by the awe-inspiring dance of the Aurora Borealis above. The raw, volcanic beauty of the land ignites a sense of adventure and serenity, making each moment a private encounter with nature's most dramatic landscapes

7 days

Couple's Getaway in Iceland

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Embark on an extraordinary expedition through the stunning landscapes of Iceland, where every moment is a celebration of opulence and natural wonder.

Starting from


Reykjavik » Husafell » Selfoss » Keflavik

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10 days

Island Hopping in the North Atlantic Reykjavík to Edinburgh with MS Maud

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Embark on a 10-day expedition cruise through the untamed and rugged islands of the North Atlantic, connecting Iceland with mainland Britain aboard the expedition ship MS Maud.

Starting from

Reykjavík » Heimaey » Runavik » Tórshavn » Lerwick » Fair Isle » Kirkwall » Edinburgh

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