Traveling in Disney World alone with toddlers while pregnant (2022)

Traveling in Disney World alone with toddlers while pregnant (2022)
March 28, 2023
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Traveling to Disney World with kids is fun, but traveling with them while pregnant is a game changer!

Traveling alone with younger children can be hard, but have you ever tried doing it alone while also being pregnant?! I have quite a few times while traveling to Walt Disney World in FL and Disneyland in CA and I have all the tips and tricks to help you have an enjoyable and easy going vacation!

Tip #1

- Use pacifiers if you can.

If your child is still at an age where they’re using pacifiers, utilize them! And be sure to pack extra! Pacifiers can be used on the airplane to help with pressure in the ears, while waiting on line in the hot sun, under masks to help distract your child from having the mask on their face and most especially to help diffuse a tantrum!

If pacifiers are out of the question for you, then lollipops are always the way to go! The lollipops can be used the same way as the pacifiers! Be sure to pack a lot because once your child has 1 they’re sure to want more… don’t worry if you run out there’s always the cute Mickey Mouse shaped ones you can purchase from the confectionary on Main Street USA.

Tip #2

- Use leashes. Yes, that’s right.

Have a child that can walk, but wants to be independent and not hold your hand?! Backpack leases or handcuff leashes…they’re life savers trust me…Especially when you’re outnumbered by children or in a busy place!

These items can be purchased on Amazon for under $20!

Tip #3

- Don’t forget the stroller.

Strollers! Pack your own or you can rent one at the park. I love to travel with my Chico Bravo Double Stroller! Strollers give your child a place to rest after all the walking they’ve been doing down Main Street USA, as well as a place for the parents to store all the souvenirs purchased from the Emporium!

Tip #4

- Take breaks!

Whether it’s finding a shaded bench at the park or going back to your on property resort. You’re feet will thank you later! Plus it’s the perfect time for a snack break or nap!

Tip #5

- Stay on property!!!

I can’t stress this one enough. When you stay on Disney property, Disney provides you with transportation to and from your resort/ parks. Staying at a resort on property makes life so much easier. If your child is tired and needs a nap in the middle of a park day, staying on property makes getting to the resort for a quick nap and back to the park much faster than if you were staying off property… Let’s be honest with the excitement of being at Disney you want to make every minute count!

Our favorite resorts to stay at are the ones on the skyliner line (Art of Animation, Pop Century, Riviera Resort and Caribbean Beach Resort). The skyliners are always our preferred method of transportation when going to Epcot or Hollywood Studios… this is mostly because we don’t have to fold our stroller down to get on (unless you have a side by side stroller then you have to fold it down).

Tip #6

- Disney gift cards.

These are great for those independent little ones that want to buy everything and buy it all themselves! Load a Disney gift card up each day with an allotted amount of money. This allows your child to buy whatever they want while also teaching them money management!

Tip #7

- Order via Amazon Fresh

This is a great service to utilize while staying on Disney property. Amazon will deliver to your resorts bag services and you can pick your order up there! I always like to order a case of water, snacks and diapers/ wipes since Disney does allow you to bring your own food and beverages in within reason!

Tip #8

- Purchase neck fans

These can be purchased on Amazon for under $20! These are great for pregnant mamas while walking around in the heat. The kids will love them too!

Tip #9

- Follow your child’s lead!

Go with the flow! I’ve found the most success in letting my children pick what they want to do! It’s makes the vacation more fun for the littles and less stressful for you!

And finally, my best advice is.. to make those memories and have fun!

Remember, Disney is “the most magical place on earth”. Enjoy your time together… even if it means a “magical” meltdown in front of the castle!!

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