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Destination Wedding Discovery Form and First Connection:
Around 12-13 months ahead of your desired wedding date, you and your partner will carve out time to chat with your dedicated destination wedding specialist (that's me!). I'll send over a quick, breezy discovery form. This little gem will help me grasp your visions and gather some key details about your group. Plus, it gives you a glimpse of what we'll delve into during our upcoming Discovery Call.

Lets Dive into Dreamy Details and Unveiling Your Destination Wedding and Vacation Vision:

Once you've shared your insights through the discovery form, we'll schedule a phone or video call to dive into the details of your perfect wedding experience. The Discovery Call is where the magic truly happens! Drawing on my expertise and years of experience, I'll unveil your wedding vision, focusing on what matters most to you. We'll discuss everything from the dream destination to the desire reception experience, ensuring every detail aligns with your unique love story.

The second half of our call will revolve around your guests and the vacation side of things. What experience do you want your loved ones to have? We'll dive into that too. Towards the end of our consultation, we'll go over the planning process, and you're encouraged to ask as many questions as you'd like.

Curious about prepping for our Discovery Call? Here are a few tips:

- Compile a list of questions you're burning to ask.

- Chat with your partner about a preliminary guest list and if you want to be ahead of the game, make a list of how may guests you know will come for sure.

- Think about your timeline when do you want guests to arrive? When do you want to arrive? And when is your bridal party arriving?

- Jot down must-haves and nice-to-haves for both the wedding and vacation experience.


Wedding Consultation and Discovery Call: Share your dream wedding details

Stages of planning, Stage 2.

Securing your Date and Space and signing the contracts.

Once I truly understand your vision, I'll put together a detailed proposal, including the venues I know will be perfect for your dream wedding. With each venue proposal you will receive an overview of accommodations and what you can expect on the vacation side of things, as well as wedding package and venue details, what perks you may be able to receive if you have your wedding there, and any other important wedding related information to note.

After you have had time to look over this information with your partner, we will set up another time to connect and narrow things down to your #1 Dream venue and destination. We can talk about the wedding packages and discuss what options would be best for your group that suits your preferences and wedding vision. Then I become your liaison between you and the wedding department to secure a wedding contract and a room block contract.

Onto the Nitty-Gritty Details of Destination Wedding Planning: Contracts might seem mundane, but they're crucial for protecting your experience. Signing a Wedding Contract with the venue secures your wedding date, packages, and venues. A room block contract with the hotel ensures a set number of rooms for your guests.

Wedding Consultation and Discovery Call: Share your dream wedding details

What These Contracts Mean:

The Wedding Contract

A Destination Wedding contract provides a clear outline of the reservation details, specifying the date, time, and locations for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. It details the chosen wedding package, encompassing services, decor, and any supplementary offerings. For the couple, it brings clarity, assurance, and legal protection.

The Room Block Contract

A room block contract ensures ample accommodation for wedding guests at a set rate. It benefits both the couple and guests by coordinating group accommodations, providing booking convenience, and granting access to additional perks. The contract fosters togetherness, creating a sense of community among guests.

Room block benefits

Having a room block contract for a destination wedding offers several benefits for both the couple getting married and their guests:

· Group Accommodation Coordination: A room block contract allows the couple to reserve a specific number of rooms at the chosen resort or hotel for their wedding guests. This ensures that there is ample accommodation for everyone attending the destination wedding.

· Benefits to Your Guests: Room block contracts secure the accommodation at a set rate, which will save guests from rising costs. Guests benefit from the assurance of having a reserved room within the block, especially during peak seasons or when the destination is a popular wedding location. It helps prevent last-minute scrambling for accommodations.

· Booking Convenience: Guests can easily book their rooms within the designated block using a provided booking link or code. This simplifies the reservation process, ensuring that guests secure their accommodations efficiently.

· Guest Support: Having a room block provides a level of support for your guests. In case they encounter any issues or need assistance with their reservations, we liaise with the resort on behalf of your guests.

· Access to Additional Perks: Some resorts offer additional perks or amenities to couples who secure a certain number of room nights within their block. These perks may include complimentary room upgrades, free nights, or even additional wedding-related events like cocktail hours or full 3 hour receptions with food and drinks.

It’s important to remember that this stage of planning does take some time as there are a lot of moving parts. Your travel agent will be working with resort back and forth to secure these contracts for you until everything is perfect. This can take days to sometimes weeks, so it’s important to remember that we are here for you and working for you on the back end of things to secure everything the way you want it to be.

Embark on this journey with confidence, knowing that each contract is a step towards making your dream destination wedding a reality!

Save the Dates & Wedding Invites

Now that the ink is dry on your dream destination wedding contracts, it's time for the exciting part—sharing the joyous news with your loved ones! As your dedicated destination wedding travel agent, I'm hereto make this process as seamless as possible. Let's dive into the delightful world of Save the Dates, Wedding Websites, and Invitations

Wedding Websites

Your love story deserves a spotlight, and a wedding website is the perfect stage. While many couples love to design their own, Ioffer a helping hand by taking care of the travel section content, providing booking directions, and supplying the booking link for your guests. If creating a website isn't your cup of tea, fear not! I can craft a charming website for you, complete with a section about the happy couple and all the essential travel details. Just share a brief "your story" blurb and a cute photo of both of you!

Wedding Registry

The decision to have a wedding registry for your destination wedding is entirely yours. Some couples opt for honeymoon funds or experiences and tours they can enjoy while traveling. Others choose a traditional wedding registry, especially if they plan a pre-wedding celebration like a wedding shower for guests who may not attend the destination wedding.

Booking Process and Links for Your Guests

Making the booking process a breeze is my priority. I provide a link that takes you and your guests directly to the online booking engine. Here, they can secure rooms, roundtrip transportation, and trip protection. Flight booking, either through the provided link or independently with points, is also available. Convenience for you and your guests is the key!

Save the Dates

I recommend sending Save the Dates as soon as both contracts are signed. This gives your guests ample time to adjust their schedules and plan financially. If you're wondering whether to include booking information directly on the Save the Date, my answer is a resounding yes! I'll provide concise and sweet wording to encourage your guests to secure their stay promptly.

Should you send both Save the Dates and formal invitations? The choice is entirely yours. If you opt for Save the Dates only,consider creating a group chat or Facebook group for all invitees, where I can join to assist with travel questions or share exciting resort and destination information. If you've created a Facebook group, don't forget to add me— This way I can jump in if any guests have travel questions and share fun resort or destination information.

Formal Invitations

Sending formal invitations about 5 months before the big day is an excellent timeline. This reminder prompts guests to finalize their travel arrangements and builds anticipation for the celebration.

Embark on this enchanting journey of sharing love and joy, knowing that every detail is taken care of with care and expertise. Cheers to the magical moments ahead!

Wedding Consultation and Discovery Call: Share your dream wedding details

Working with the wedding coordinator

Congratulations! Your dream destination wedding is all set, and now it's time to meet the unsung hero behind the scenes—the on-site wedding planner. As you embark on this exciting phase, let's explore the dynamic collaboration between you, the couple, and your on-site wedding planner, with me as your travel wingman.

Understanding the On-Site Wedding Planner's Role:

On-site wedding planners are the superheroes who bring your ceremony and reception to life. They're the experts in crafting the perfect ambiance, ensuring every detail is flawlessly executed. Their journey often starts either as soon as the contracts are signed or about 3-6months before your big day. Don't fret about the seemingly short timeline—these wedding teams are like well-oiled machines, armed with systems to turn dreams into reality.

Your Collaborative Planning Journey:

Once you're in touch with your on-site wedding planner, the real magic begins. Together, you'll delve into the intricate details and logistics of your wedding. From the color scheme to the ceremony's flow, they've got it covered. This collaboration ensures that your vision is not only understood but expertly woven into the fabric of your special day.

An Easier Path for the Non-Planners:
For some couples, the thought of delving into wedding planning details might seem overwhelming. If you find yourself in the camp of wanting nothing to do with the nitty-gritty of wedding planning, fear not! I'm here to make your experience even more effortless.

Alternatively, if you prefer a totally hands-off approach to wedding planning, I can connect you with seasoned wedding planners who specialize in destination weddings. These professional shave an intimate understanding of the properties we're working with and can handle all the intricate choices on your behalf. From selecting floral arrangements to curating the perfect menu, they've got you covered.

My Role as Your Travel Wingman:

As your dedicated travel specialist, I'm still very much in the picture during this phase. While your on-site wedding planner focuses on the ceremony and reception, I'm behind the scenes coordinating travel arrangements, providing assistance to your guests, and acting as the bridge between you and the resort. Should you need any help or have concerns, consider me your go to person.

And although I am not the one planning and coordinating the wedding details, my firsthand knowledge and experience with these resorts and venues comes in handy when my couples want my opinion on things, especially since they know I’ve been through the planning process as a destination wedding bride myself!

A Harmonious Symphony:

This collaborative effort creates a harmonious execution of your vision, with each party contributing their specialized skills. Your on-site wedding planner turns your dreams into a tangible reality, while I ensure that the travel aspects align seamlessly, creating an experience that's as stress-free as it is magical.

So, as you step into the on-site planning phase, rest assured that you have a dedicated team — your on-site wedding planner and your travel wingman — working together to orchestrate a wedding that surpasses your wildest dreams. It's a true collaboration, and the result will undoubtedly be a symphony of love, celebration, and unforgettable moments.

Learn more about Destination Wedding Planning:

Wedding Consultation and Discovery Call: Share your dream wedding details

Wedding Consultation and Discovery Call: Share your dream wedding details

Wedding Consultation and Discovery Call: Share your dream wedding details

Wedding Consultation and Discovery Call: Share your dream wedding details

Wedding Consultation and Discovery Call: Share your dream wedding details

Wedding Consultation and Discovery Call: Share your dream wedding details

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