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Frequently asked questions on Santorini

1. What time of the year should someone travel to Santorini?

Santorini island has one of the longest seasons of any other greek island in Greece. The season starts at the beginning of April and ends in the middle of November. We highly recommend traveling in the spring and fall avoiding the months of July & August due to high temperatures. In addition, the temperatures are more comfortable and the hotel rates more moderate during spring and fall.

2. How many nights should someone stay on the island?

As US, Canadian, South American travellers may have shorter vacations and wish to include more than one Greek Island in their itinerary we recommend a minimum of 4 -5 nights. Santorini has many things to do and see if vacation time is longer.

3. Is Santorini children friendly?

Santorini is known for the ultimate couples’ destination. In the last 10 years, Santorini has become a wonderful destination for families with children of all ages. As the caldera hotels (clifftops) do not accept young children under certain ages, the Canaves Oia Epitome was created 3 years ago to accept children of all ages. Children will enjoy many activities on Santorini including: catamaran cruises - sea toys, horseback riding, cooking classes designed especially for children, biking tours etc.

4. Is Santorini a destination for people with mobility issues?

Santorini’s uniqueness does cause difficulties for people with mobility issues, especially with all the steps involved. It is important to know that if staff’s assistance is needed, waiting times will be longer. In addition, we should highlight that the majority of the island’s restaurants involve steps and highlights of the island such as catamaran cruises will be more difficult to access. With all these said, no one should miss visiting this spectacular island and our hotel staff will make it happen! If you had to select one of our hotels, we highly recommend Canaves Oia Epitome which has no steps!

5. Why should someone go to Santorini vs Mykonos?

Both islands are in the Cycladic Circle of the Aegean and so uniquely different, we recommend doing both. If you have to make a choice: Santorini is known for its views & its magnificent sights. It offers the most marvelous sunsets, you can watch the sky turn fifty shades of colours including purples, pinks and oranges. Mykonos offers great beaches, however Santorini with a catamaran offers the seas of the Aegean in a unique way.

6. How is the best way to get to the island?

We are fortunate that Santorini has an airport and great high speed service between Athens and other Greek Islands. We are blessed with having options based on timing/pricing/connections. If you ask us, we recommend taking a flight from Athens to Santorini, (35 minutes duration) and doing high speeds between nearby islands. In addition, there are numerous direct international flights from many European countries(such as London, Paris, Rome, Munich, Frankfurt etc.) to Santorini every day.

7. What other islands does Santorini combine well with?

The list is endless, Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, Crete are great combinations as well as other more off beaten track islands such as Sifnos, Milos and Ios.

8. What is there to do on the island?

The island offers a vast amount of options for all tastes! Highlights include daily sailing cruises either private or semi private and either morning or sunset inside Caldera. We also recommend wine tours, as Santorini is very famous for its white wines, authentic village tours, tour of the ancient site of Akrotiri, hiking tours, horseback riding, biking tours and of course wonderful cooking classes. All can be arranged with our concierge team.

9. Is Santorini safe?

Santorini, like all of Greece, is a safe travel destination. Always keep your valuables safe, like any busy place.

10. I hear Santorini is expensive? Is this true?

We can definitely say that it depends on the experience one wishes to have. It’s truly an individual choice. Santorini offers top quality hotels, restaurants and shops. Hotels in Santorini come in various price ranges, as do restaurants and local shopping. TheCaldera offers the best views on the island and Oia is known for being the most elegant village in Santorini. The hotel product in Oia tends to be more expensive than other parts of the island due to its iconic beauty, picturesque background and its gastronomic restaurants.

11. Why is Santorini so popular?

Santorini is the Venice of Greece. Its unique landscape, phenomenal views not seen anywhere in the world makes Santorini a must visit, lifetime experience when one comes to Greece. There are many reasons why the small Greek island of Santorini is so popular as a holiday destination. You can easily fall in love with the island’s vibe, view sand atmosphere. It offers romantic settings surrounded by rich culture and the most spectacular sunsets in the world.

12. We hear the taxi situation in Santorini is difficult. Should our guests rent a car, a motorbike or ATV?

Yes, taxis are very limited in Santorini, however private taxis are numerous! Our concierge team, 24/7 available, is always willing to assist all our guests with booking their transfers. If someone needs to rent private transportation in Santorini and their budget does not allow for a car and driver we only recommend renting a car or a motorbike. Please notify our concierge team weeks in advance in order to arrange it accordingly. For safety reasons, we do not recommend renting ATV’s.

13. We hear the cruise ship market makes Santorini too touristy and overcrowded. Is this true?

It's true when it comes to the main town of Fira where all cruise ships dock. Oia, located a minimum of 30 minutes from Fira, is less visited by cruise ship clients. Our concierge team knows exactly when cruise ships are on the island and will recommend alternate itineraries to our in-house guests to avoid the cruise ship travellers.

Your Santorini Questions Answered!

Frequently asked questions on the Canaves Oia Luxury Hotels & Resorts

1. How far is Canaves Oia Hotels located from the Santorini Airport and the Santorini port?

25-30 minutes driving from/to Airport and 45 minutes- 1 hour from/to port. The port is where all the highspeeds/boats dock coming in from other Greek islands. The cruiseship port of Fira is a different location than the port of Santorini.

2. What’s the differences between the Canaves Oia properties (Canaves OiaBoutique Hotel, Canaves Oia Suites, Canaves Oia Sunday Suites, CanavesOia Epitome & Eden Villas by Canaves)?

Many ask this question and it is not surprising! We are fortunate to offer hotels that meet all client needs.

Canaves Oia Boutique Hotel, the first property in our group, ideal for those see king a hotel which is traditional & contemporary at the same time. Sexy & trendy, perfect for couples and honeymooners, limited accommodations for triple occupancy. It is also a great choice for people who want luxury, views and service at a better price point. Be aware for safety reasons, this property does not accept children under 13 years of age.

Canaves Oia Suites, our flagship property, for those who appreciate a sophisticated & luxurious lifestyle. Ideal for high end clients who seek top 5* hotel stay, on a higher budget. A full resort experience including two main pools, spa facilities & fine dining. We also offer elevator access (half way down the hotel), perfect for those who hate steps or have mobility issues. Same policy for children under 13 years of age applies.

Canaves Oia Sunday Suites, our smallest & cutest property (just 8 suites/10bedrooms), definitely for those who appreciate a boutique and more cozy hotel experience (cocoon feeling) with privacy and a three to one staff/guest ratio experience. If you do not wish to “be and be seen”, you are at the absolute right place! Perfect for group buyouts! Same policy for children under 13 years of age applies.

Canaves Oia Epitome, offers a totally different concept! Built on flat land, at the outskirts of Oia and with no steps, it is an idyllic paradise which offers amazing sunset views and yet not located on the Caldera. Perfect for people who need space, 100% privacy, large verandas & pools. Plenty of 2 bedroom options for people of all ages and for children under 13 years of age. This property is ideal for guests that do not wish to be located in Oia village with all the hustle & bustle but can have it any time by taking the complimentary shuttle, available all day. The idea behind building the Canaves OiaEpitome 3 years ago, was to attract family travel, groups of friends and giving our guests a totally different look & feel of the island.

Last but not least, Eden Villas by Canaves are a three independent villa complex (one with three bedrooms and two with two bedrooms each). They may be booked as a whole or each separately. Ideal for guests who do not need a full hotel experience, wish to be independent and stay in a quieter part of Santorini (near the town of Imerovigli), also ideal for buyouts. Rates are more reasonable and include breakfast & maid service. Should guests wish for more services, such as butler service, our concierge can make all the arrangements.

3. If a guest stays at Canaves Oia Hotel, is it possible to use the facilities(pool, spa, restaurant etc.) at another Canaves Oia property?

Some facilities such as the spa (available at Canaves Oia Suites & Canaves Oia Epitome) as well as restaurants at dinner time may be used by all guests of all hotels. Facilities such as hotel pools, breakfasts & lunches can only be taken/used in your own hotel.

4. Can a guest cross-charge their spa treatments or dinners to their own hotel?

Unfortunately not, as each property has their own tax structure, guests will need to pay for their meal or treatments at the end of service.

5. How private are rooms and suites in hotels that hang on the cliffs?

We are fortunate to have built our Caldera hotels on the highest points. Giving us more privacy, best views and less steps in the quietest part of Oia. Please keep in mind that due to the island’s structure, it is not so easy to offer 100% privacy. If you wish to offer your guests 100% privacy, we recommend reaching out to our reservations’ department to assist and suggest you the most private rooms in our premises. Do not forget thatCanaves Oia Epitome offers 100% privacy.

6. Should we organize transportation service upon arrival at the airport or port or shall we grab a taxi?

Highly recommend you organize transportation on arrival/departure from port or airport due to limited taxis on the island.

7. What is a plunge pool vs a private pool?

The size of a plunge pool is like the size of a jacuzzi. All of our plunge pools are heated. Should you wish a larger size pool, please request it from our reservations team.

8. Are connecting rooms available in all hotels?

Connecting rooms are available only at Canaves Oia Suites & Canaves Oia Epitome. Adjoining rooms are available in all our properties.

9. How can I guarantee an early check in or a late check out?

Early arrivals and late departures are always subject to availability. Should you wish to guarantee your room to be available for early check in or late check out, we recommend you book and prepay your room from the night prior or an additional night following your departure. Hotel facilities and luggage storing services are always available.

10. How far are the beach clubs?

Beach clubs in Santorini are not like the beach clubs you have heard about on the island of Mykonos. They are situated on the other side of the island (Perivolos beach), located 45 minutes driving from Oia. Please ask our concierge to book your sunbeds at least one day in advance, especially during high season (June-July-August-September).

Your Santorini Questions Answered!

Your Santorini Questions Answered!

Your Santorini Questions Answered!

Your Santorini Questions Answered!

Your Santorini Questions Answered!

Your Santorini Questions Answered!

Your Santorini Questions Answered!

Your Santorini Questions Answered!

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