Meet George Kas, a renowned certified Pickleball instructor, tournament champion and dedicated DuPage, IL Pickleball ambassador.

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George Kas
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George Kas

"My journey in pickleball began when I stumbled upon the sport while playing tennis in Naples, FL and saw this new recreational sport activity played on our tennis courts called Pickleball. My mentor and coach was the number one women’s player Simone Jardim who I was so fortunate to have as my instructor Instantly I was captivated by its fast-paced nature and social aspects, I immersed myself in learning everything about pickleball. I honed my skills through countless hours of practice, participating in local and out of state tournaments, and seeking guidance and lessons from top pro players and coaches along the way. I decided to pursue being a pickleball instructor.  

I have completed coaching certifications, attended workshops and seminars, and continuously educated myself on the latest techniques, rules  and strategies. Because I am passionate and experienced pickleball instructor with a deep love for the sport of Pickleball. With over 8 years of playing and coaching experience, I have become a respected figure in the pickleball community.

I am a certified Professional Pickleball Registry (PPR) instructor/coach along with being a (USAPA) certified referee. As a pickleball instructor, I emphasizes the importance of strong fundamentals and technique while tailoring my lessons to suit each player's skill level and goals. I create a positive and supportive learning environment, encouraging my students to push their boundaries and enjoy the game's competitive aspects.  My dedication to helping others improve their skills and competitive tournament game is evident in my teaching approach.  My student base of over 65 players in the Chicago land area and in Naples, FL.

My teaching style is characterized by patience, enthusiasm, and ability to break down complex concepts into simple, actionable steps. I provide clear demonstrations of proper techniques and offers constructive feedback to help students improve their overall game.  My strong Pickleball skills and tournament play experience allows me  to effectively convey strategies and game tactics, helping players make smarter decisions on the court. Enabling my students to reach new heights in their own Pickleball journey.

Beyond teaching, I have actively contribute to the pickleball community by organizing Pickleball tournaments, clinics, and social events. I believe in fostering a sense of camaraderie among players and enjoys creating opportunities for friendly competition and personal skill development. In addition to my own tournament success Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.

I have had the distinct honor of being selected as the host Pickleball instructor on a European River Cruise hosted by Evyssa Vacations & Amadeus Cruise line in May 2023 along the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary. This unique opportunity allowed me to share my expertise and passion for Pickleball with a diverse group of competitive players along the breathtaking landscapes. As the instructor I was able to create an unforgettable experience for all providing expert guidance organized tournaments, games, lessons on land and on the ships deck.  

My passion for pickleball extends beyond the court. I actively promotes Pickleball   through social media, blogging, podcasts and contributing to local sports publications.  

My overall goal is to inspire others to discover the joy of pickleball and experience the physical and social benefits it offers. When I am not teaching or playing pickleball, you can find me exploring new European pickleball cruise and land destinations for future tournaments to promote and grow Pickleball and hoping one day see the game I love be introduced into the Olympics. I spend quality time with my wife and grand children along with fellow pickleball enthusiasts. My commitment to the sport and my students is unwavering, and I continue to be an advocate for pickleball's growth and popularity nationwide."